Our Culture

Culture Changes at Greenbriar Community Care Center. 
It’s about the journey.

As each new day dawns here at Greenbriar Community Care Center the aroma of fresh brewed Community Coffee, as well as the delicious cappuccino and hot cocoa provide a warmth of being in their own home. The refreshment bars which house the coffee, cappuccino and cocoa also provide cold, flavored water, which helps keep residents hydrated for our vast array of activities. Then the creamy soft serve ice cream which brings back those wonderful childhood memories of eating ice cream with family as you watch a movie or enjoy time with new friends made.



“Within our households, I constantly hear terms like ‘outrageous,’ ‘passion,’ ‘energy,’ ‘spirit,’ ‘attitude,’ and other exciting descriptions characterizing how our household teams celebrate our adaptation to culture change in our facility. But the most repeated word of all is ‘fun.’… Who would have ever believed?”

Brian Martin,
Market Manager



“We are on a journey committed to culture change, and we are making great strides in that direction. Everyone – staff and residents alike – is on board, working diligently to create a more home-like environment to live and work in.”

Mary Courtney,
Assessment Nurse,
Natchitoches Community Care Center


Residents enjoy full restaurant style dining, with three options which may include grilled hot dogs, seafood gumbo or the residents’ meal of the month. Residents select their meals which have ranged from General Tao’s Chicken, steaks, Italian night or Tex-Mex. Residents and families enjoy meals by being able to dine together in an inviting atmosphere.

It is important that residents of Greenbriar Community Care Center have a voice in the our community. Resident elect their representatives to Greenbriar’s Resident Council. Each month the Council meets, sets their agenda and discuss different topics. The Council reviews these items with Greenbriar’s staff.

Our residents made the choice to become part of the Greenbriar Community Care Center. Please come and take a tour to see why we are the true essence of the caring company.

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