Latest Events – July 2020

While we have restrictions on visitors and outings due to the Public Health Emergency, we are still engaging in life enrichment at Greenbriar Community Care Center.  Our new household model will allow us an opportunity to do some doorway activities such as bingo, trivia and movie nights. 

Enrichment activities this month include:

  •  One on one room visits for socializing and conversation
  • Face Time and Window visits with families
  • Doorway Bingo
  • Nail Care
  • Independent Activities
    • Puzzle Books
    • Art
  • Reading Material: books, magazines and weekly newspapers
  • Residents Birthday Celebrations
  • Walks outside and porch time
  • Christian Communion

Due to virus precautions, we are still limited with small activities.  However, we have continued our contact with our volunteers through texting, emails and with mail.  We will be prepared to resume structured group activities and events as soon as possible.

When permitted, we are prepared to host resident, family evening activities in the multi-purpose room.

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